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VOTE 2017 – We’re back thanks to you!

We are proud to once again announce that the Workplace Privacy Report has been nominated for The Expert Institute’s Best Legal Blog Competition. From a field of thousands of nominees, the Workplace Privacy Report has received enough nominations to join one of the largest competitions for legal blog writing online today.  If you enjoy the Workplace … Continue Reading

Social Media For Universities and Colleges–Beyond Recruiting

In connection with its coverage of national signing day, ESPN.com recently highlighted that social media is increasingly being utilized by coaches to contact, recruit and gather information about players. For players, it’s a way to get recruited, control the message and interact with fans and other recruits at unprecedented levels.  And, like in the workplace, misuse … Continue Reading

The Social Media Manager/Guru/Wizard/Ninja/Diva

Have you hired a social media manager?  A social media guru/wizard/ninja/diva?  Each of these job "titles" are increasingly being used by companies to attract individuals who specialize in marketing a company’s brand and/or services in social media.  A recent article in the Chicago Tribune and Los Angeles Times highlights just how prevalent these job titles are … Continue Reading

Ex-Employee’s Blogs Can’t Be Stopped Absent Extraordinary Circumstances, New York Court Rules

A NY court refuses to order a former employee to stop blogging about his former employer because the court could find no extraordinary circumstance that would overcome constitutional protections, despite the individual's signing an agreement during his employment to maintain the confidentiality of confidential business information.… Continue Reading

A New NLRB May Mean New Concerns Regarding Social Media

The combination of “social media” and the “workplace” raises many traps for the unwary employer: Can we use social media when hiring? Can employees be prohibited from using social media at work? Can we monitor employees use of social media? What are the essential elements of a social media policy? As with many issues involving new … Continue Reading