Welcome to the Workplace Privacy, Data Management & Security Report!

Concerns over privacy and data security have been fueled by the technological explosion and the vital role information plays in our society and marketplace. The potential for significant financial and reputational harm to businesses and individuals caused by unauthorized disclosures or accessing of personal information amplify those concerns, particularly in certain industries, such as health care, finance, insurance and data management. At the same time, the need for human interaction has collided with technology and the desire for information to help drive the social media phenomenon that impacts coffee shops and workplaces globally.

This report tries to help readers keep current with some of the key legal developments in these and related areas so they can better assess and address their business and workplace risks — and opportunities — in the digital age. Most of the developments covered will involve issues of federal, state, local as well as international data privacy, security and social media laws and case law. We try to keep you engaged as courts and governmental agencies weigh in on data privacy and security standards, monitoring of individuals’ locations and communications through GPS and other technologies, interactions in social media, data breach incidents, and agency audits and investigations. At the same time, we try to offer insights that will help you develop enterprise-wide preventive strategies for your organizations. We all need to pay attention and be aware of the directions in which these important laws are developing. We hope you enjoy our posts and, if you get a chance, let us know what you think.

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In addition, the resource material for our blog posts is varied, and includes government publications, complaints filed and decisions issued, as well as various reports from the media. These materials may include allegations or facts determined after resolving the credibility of witnesses. In reporting on these matters, the Firm takes no position on the truth or falsity of the allegations or the appropriateness of those credibility determinations.

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