Websites play a vital role for organizations. They facilitate communication with consumers, constituents, patients, employees, donors, and the general public. They project an organization’s image and promote goodwill, provide information about products and services and allow for their purchase. Websites also inform investors about performance, enable job seekers to view and apply for open positions,

Recently, the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) filed a limited objection in bankruptcy court to the proposed sale of assets of ConnectEdu, Inc. (“ConnectEdu”) on the grounds that the company’s privacy policy protecting customer personal information had potentially not been complied with.

Specifically, ConnectEdu, an education technology company that provided interactive tools to assist students, parents

California AG begins enforcing the state’s Online Privacy Protection Act which requires commercial operators of online services, including websites and mobile and social apps, that collect personally identifiable information from Californians to conspicuously post a privacy policy.
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