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Negligence Claims for Breach of Patient Privacy Not Preempted by HIPAA, Connecticut Supreme Court Holds

Healthcare providers continue to have challenges with responding to attorney requests for information and subpoenas. We highlighted some of these last year, along with some issues providers should be considering to help meet those challenges.  In this case, after the patient advised the provider not to disclose her PHI to her significant other, the provider received a … Continue Reading

Another Hospital Burned for Disclosing Medical Records – State Law Protections Prevail Over HIPAA

In another example of a medical provider facing potential civil liability for providing medical records in response to a subpoena, a federal court in the Northern District of Ohio denied summary judgment for the Cleveland Clinic and other defendants in Turk v. Oiler, No. 09-CV-381 (N. D. Ohio Feb 1, 2010.  We previously discussed the decision … Continue Reading