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Employees Claiming Emotional Distress Must Produce Social Network (Facebook and MySpace) Information In Discovery

All information from plaintiffs’ social networking profiles and postings that relate to their general emotions, feelings, and mental states must be produced in discovery when they allege severe emotional trauma and harassment against their employer, a federal court in Indiana has ruled. (EEOC v. Simply Storage Management LLC, S.D. Ind., No. 1:09-cv-1223, discovery order 5/11/10). … Continue Reading

Whitepaper On Social Media Use By Employees

Whether it be Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube or the company blog, employee presence in social media is way, way up, creating risks for employers that are proving difficult to manage without careful planning and appropriate policies. These risks can take many forms – FTC endorsement issues, inadvertent sharing of confidential company or personal information, harassment claims, blog posts harmful … Continue Reading

Social Network Monitors Beware

A New Jersey restaurant has been hit with a jury verdict in favor of two waiters who were fired after the restaurant’s managers accessed a private social networking site where the waiters were criticizing management. As the social networking (e.g., MySpace and Facebook) “craze” continues to expand, employers must be more mindful of privacy concerns relating … Continue Reading