Baltimore, MD has joined the growing list of cities and states around the country implementing “ban the box” legislation.  “Ban the box” legislation restricts inquiries regarding an applicant’s criminal history on applications for employment and during job interviews.  The EEOC recommends “banning the box” believing the use of conviction records excludes applicants and can disparately

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren recently introduced legislation which would ban employers from conducting credit checks of prospective employees during the hiring process.  Known as the Equal Employment for All Act, the measure would amend the Fair Credit Reporting Act to prohibit employers from using consumer credit reports to make employment decisions.  Notably, the Act

Michigan becomes fourth state to enact law banning employers from requiring access to employees’/applicants’ social media accounts
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A New York law, effective December 12, 2012, prohibits businesses and other entities from requiring individuals to disclose or furnish their Social Security Numbers for any purpose, subject to certain exceptions.
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Connecticut joins five other states (Hawaii, Illinois, Oregon, Washington, and Maryland) in limiting what credit report information employers may use in making hiring or employment decisions.
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