The BTI Law Firms Best at Cybersecurity 2017, a report issued by the BTI Consulting Group (pdf), lists Jackson Lewis as one of the country’s top law firms for cybersecurity and data privacy. The report was compiled “based solely on in-depth telephone interviews with leading legal decision makers,” representing more than 15 different industry segments in organizations with $1 billion or more in annual revenues. Our cybersecurity team is grateful for the recognition from our clients.

Cybersecurity and privacy issues are among the most challenging for virtually all of our clients. Today, organizations contend with vast amounts of data, an expanding, multi-layered regulatory environment, technology that evolves at a blistering pace, and sophisticated cybercriminals who can wreak havoc from thousands of miles away. Our Privacy, e-Communication and Data Security Group is committed to helping our clients navigate these cybersecurity challenges through a variety of services, such as:

  • workthruITtm. Our online applications provide helpful resources including a data breach readiness assessment, a data security assessment and a comprehensive survey of the country’s data breach notification laws. And, there are more cybersecurity and privacy apps coming. Learn more about workthruITtm here.
  • Data Incident Response Team. A tidal wave of ransomware attacks, spearphishing scams and other forms of data breach have victimized thousands of organizations. Having handled more than 500 data incidents, and as part of our commitment to client service, we announced recently a 24/7 Data Incident Response Team to be available on a moment’s notice in the event of a security incident. Learn more about our Data Incident Response Team here.
  • Prevention and Compliance: Assessments, Policies and Training. Of course it is better to avoid a breach than to experience one. So, our team works with clients to assist them with conducting risk assessments, developing policies and procedures, and training their workforce. We strive to understand our clients’ industries because not only is there likely to be different legal requirements, the customary practices and expectations in the industry also are different.
  • Vendor Selection and Management. A cybersecurity program is only as strong as its weakest link and that link could be an organization’s third party service provider. We help organizations assess their vendors’ cybersecurity capabilities, as well as negotiate and draft cybersecurity agreements including business associate agreements to help our clients minimize the risks their vendors present.
  • Government Inquiries and Litigation. We represent our clients before federal and state agencies as well in litigations to respond to claims, inquiries, investigations and compliance reviews involving cybersecurity and privacy.

Cybersecurity and privacy are necessary considerations for doing business today, and we are excited to partner with our clients to help them safely and efficiently maximize the opportunities that information and technology present. Artificial intelligence, internet of things, and “Big Data” present even greater opportunities ahead, with an even greater need to supply adequate time, resources and effort toward cybersecurity and privacy.