Effective management of an Ebola infection in your business can be dramatically enhanced by some careful planning. If you are addressing safety and health issues, questions about whether an employee should come to work (or employees who don’t want to come to work because of a belief there is an infected employee there already), or privacy issues relating to persons who may have been infected with Ebola, having thought through some of the key legal requirements and principles and other considerations can help you to make measured decisions more quickly. Our privacy group has been coordinating with other key practice groups at our Firm to develop resources and gather and communicate insights that may be helpful to clients and others as they consider steps they should take to be prepared for an Ebola infection in their workplace.

In addition to a high level summary of key issues, three of us sat down today to discuss some of the key considerations in this area, with an overriding theme of Ebola preparedness. You can access our conversation here. Of course, as noted during our discussion, your particular circumstances, industry, location and so on will shape the course of action that is best for you and in line with your risk tolerances. In addition, as we receive more information about Ebola from public health agencies and guidance from other federal and state agencies, the steps you planned to take may need to be modified.

We hope you enjoy our discussion.