Employers increasingly have health professionals on-site providing medical services to employees. For some employers, the reason is to address the rising costs of health care, including uncertainties about the full impact of health care reform, the Affordable Care Act, looming in 2014. For others, more comprehensive approaches to disability and leave management can mitigate compliance and litigation concerns. 

Whether it is a single nurse at a facility providing basic first aid and assisting in fitness-for-duty exams, or a full-scale health clinic staffed with physicians, nurses and others, there are a range of issues the company should be thinking about – e.g., workplace safety, disability/leave management, labor, employee benefits, and privacy. Some of our practice group leaders put together a white paper to aid employers in spotting these issues. We hope you find this helpful and easy to read. 

Click here to access the White Paper: An Overview of Legal Considerations When Bringing Health Care "In-House"