medical identity theft

All companies in this day and age must devote some attention to cybersecurity risks. Regardless of industry, almost every entity maintains some form of personally identifiable information that requires protection (e.g., credit card information, Social Security numbers, bank account information, etc.). However, the medical device industry has additional concerns – it must make sure that

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that a laptop computer containing private information on about 14,000 patients of Fairview Health Services and 2,800 patients of North Memorial Medical Center was stolen from a locked car in the parking lot of a Minneapolis restaurant in July of 2011.  The incident is just one more in a series

Last month, the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection posted FAQs on its website to guide health care providers and health plans when their patients and subscribers are affected by medical identity theft. 

When most people hear about an identity theft or a data breach, they typically think about credit card data or Social Security