In recognition of Data Privacy Day (January 28, 2012) and to facilitate a more interactive experience for our readers and subscribers, we want to extend to you the opportunity to tell us what is on your mind in the world of data privacy, social media and information management.

For the last two years, we have brought you developments on a wide range of issues concerning these topics. We realize many of you might like us to report on or provide information concerning certain issues/topics that we have not covered before. If so, please tell us!

To submit a topic, you can email us at, or reach out to us through our Workplace Privacy Report on Facebook and Twitter. Feel free to “Like” our Facebook page and “Follow” us on Twitter by clicking on the corresponding buttons on the right below. If we select your topic, we will reach out to you privately to see if you would like us to identify you in the responsive post.

Of course, what would any communication from a lawyer be without a DISCLAIMER?

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